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FDO is a gig economy deep skill network of data and AI professionals for fractional services with coordination and accountability.

The new ways of working post-pandemic have made it possible for FDO to tap into top talent. FDO’s top data and AI talent is recruited via referrals. You can expect baseline productivity of at least 2x. Get value from your data at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. With FDO you only pay for the skills you need for the time you need - without having to hire, fire or pay salary and benefits.

Why now? AI fueled by data is driving the fastest and biggest productivity growth in history. This is expected to happen in the next 3 years and drive productive growth of at least 50%. For comparison, the advent of computers and the internet drove productivity growth by 10% and took 20 years. Institutions and companies that don’t leverage data and AI can expect to be left behind.

Anto Thomas
Managing Partner / Co-founder
Joshua Thomas
AI Product Manager
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Use Cases

You have a data platform, but it’s gotten dated and has not evolved to take advantage of modern tools and technologies like Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ELT, Lake Houses, Reverse ETL’s, Metric Layers, Notebooks, Collaborative development, Copiloted Development etc. FDO can help with strategies to modernize and bring in Fractional Data and AI teams to execute and deploy a modern stack to keep your competitive edge.

Why FDO?


Gig Economy Efficiencies

An effective data and AI team requires several deep skill sets from strategy, engineering, and cloud to DevOps and governance. It can be prohibitively expensive to hire a full team of employees or consultants, let alone retain and fully utilize them. FDO leverages the metered efficiencies of a gig workforce to solve this by bringing in the deep skills you need when you need them and only for the time you need them for.


Deep Data
and AI Skills

FDO provides access to specialized expertise that is difficult or costly to find and develop in-house. This includes experts on all the public cloud data services (AWS, Azure, and Google), leading data platforms like Snowflake and Databricks, streaming platforms like Kafka, and AI models and apis like OpenAI/GPT, Claude, Bard, LLaMA, Gemini, and other open source software.


& Accountability

The magic with a deep-skill gig team happens when there is great coordination and accountability. This is a key differentiator with FDO, where skilled gig product and project managers coordinate the gig team working on your project to make the magic happen.

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